Di Bruno Bros. grows gourmet gift sales on 德福正神官网APP下载 Enterprise

Specialty food retailer creates an online experience worthy of its iconic brand

63% $1.5K 6.5% 9%
increase in conversion per month in saved hosting costs increase in online sales increase in orders

Business goal

A high-quality online experience

Gourmet food retailer Di Bruno Bros., an icon in Philadelphia鈥檚 culinary scene, has provided top-notch service and quality products for 75 years. In the early 2000s, they became one of the first specialty food retailers to sell online.

But by 2014, their ecommerce system had become expensive and unwieldy, and their online store fell far short of the excellent shopping experience found in their brick-and-mortar locations. 鈥淥ur previous website required a lot of custom code for many features that are included with 德福正神官网APP下载, which made it really difficult for us to update,鈥 recalled Janeane Tolomeo, marketing and content manager.

With nearly 40% of traffic coming from mobile devices, Di Bruno also needed to significantly improve their mobile shopping experience. After years of wrestling with various ecommerce platforms and tools, the company decided it was time for a change.

鈥淭he digital space continues to change exponentially, and having a platform proven to keep pace with trends and functionality advances was important to us,鈥 said Tolomeo.


德福正神官网APP下载 is always listening to customers and updating its platform, giving us confidence that the investment in our site will continue to pay dividends well into the future.Janeane Tolomeo, Marketing and Content Manager

德福正神官网APP下载 benefit

Scalable, modern, cloud-based

Di Bruno Bros. turned to the ecommerce experts at Groove to build a modern, feature-rich and responsive storefront on 德福正神官网APP下载 Enterprise. In particular, Di Bruno selected 德福正神官网APP下载 for its flexible, cloud-based platform. That allowed Groove to create an online storefront that offered the same quality customer experience provided in Di Bruno鈥檚 physical stores.

Groove, a 德福正神官网APP下载 Partner, helped the company move their data to the 德福正神官网APP下载 platform in a matter of days. Shortly thereafter, they launched a new site that offers a beautiful shopping experience on any device.

鈥淲e wanted to build a site that reflected the true essence of Di Bruno Bros.,鈥 said Mack McGee, Groove principal. 鈥淭he website needed to capture the quality and value the company provides, while also enabling it to drive growth.鈥

With 德福正神官网APP下载, the Di Bruno team also gets the benefit of regular platform updates and new functionality without development costs.

Groove was instrumental in helping us embrace the 德福正神官网APP下载 platform and creating a powerful site that features our stunning product photography.Bill Mignucci Jr., President
Now we have a site people want to visit.Janeane Tolomeo, Marketing and Content Manager

Big Results

Higher conversion, lower costs

Since moving, the company鈥檚 conversion rate has increased by an impressive 63%, in large part thanks to the improved mobile experience. They鈥檝e also seen a 6.5% rise in sales and 9% increase in orders, plus a marked improvement in average time on site and pages viewed per visit. 鈥淣ow we have a site people want to visit,鈥 said Tolomeo.

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